Law of New Technologies Courses

Law and management of new technologies

The profile Law and management of new technologies is part of the Master’s Degree in Law of the European University of Rome. It aims to promote the acquisition of knowledge and expertise highly demanded in the labour market. The course will provide the key elements for a proper understanding of the digital revolution.

The course has a multidisciplinary approach, with focus on different areas such as law, technology and business. Students who attend the three elective courses of the profile will receive a specific certificate of attendance at the time of graduation.

The scientific coordinator of the profile is Prof. Andrea Stazi.

Law of New Technologies Course

The fundamental course of the profile is Law of New technologies. It is scheduled in the second year of the master’s degree in Law. The course aims to provide students the basic knowledge to deal with the heterogeneous challenges produced by the advent of new technologies, which display their effects on single person, States, assets, contracts and market.

Each of these issues will be further examined in the optional course related to this profile.

In addition to lectures, students will be involved in debates and discussions also through thematic workshops. Case studies will be analysed by study groups, which will be leaded and coordinated by teachers and experts.

At the end of the lectures, students will be involved in the development of a project work.

The course is held by Prof. Andrea Stazi

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The profile includes three different elective courses: Law and management of personal data and biotechnologies. Law and management of Digital Public Administration, Law and Markets of online content and services.

These courses, each of 6 CFU (credits), have a duration of 48 hours of lessons and seminars, for a total of 18 CFU and 144 hours of lessons and seminars.

Law and Management of personal data and biotechnologies

The course is aimed at analysing the rights of person in the context of innovation technologies.

The first part of the course will be focused on the right to privacy, on its evolution and its adaptation to the current regulatory framework.

Particular attention will be paid to the study of the new regulatory framework established by EU Regulation no. 679/2016, in order to allow students to know the IT and legal procedures necessary to protect personal data online.

At the same time, the course will highlight the differences between the regulation of personal data and non-personal data, in order to train professionals capable of operating in big data’s today scenario.

The course will also examine the law and management of biotechnologies, as well as the rules in force regarding research, experimentation and application of biotechnological innovations. In particular, the course will provide a framework of the international and European legislation on the protection of biotechnological innovations, focusing on the guidelines provided by the Court of Justice, by the ECHR and by the European Patent Office.

The course is held by Prof. Giuseppe Busia and Prof. Davide Mula

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Law and management of Digital Public Administration

The course is intended to create an educational path aimed at examining the discipline introduced in our system to promote digital innovation in public administration.

To this end, the course will analyse the ways in which digital agenda has been developed and applied in EU at national and regional level, in order to use digital technology to share public information and create online services for citizens and companies.

The course will also analyse the concrete actions taken to digitalize the public administrations and the most controversial issues, including the digitalization level and the contrast to digital divide, automation of administrative process, the use of open source software, openness, interoperability and interconnection of public database, security level and the implementation of disaster recovery plans.

The course is held by Prof. Guido Scorza and Prof.ssa Martina Provenzano

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Law and Market in online contents and services

The course aims, on one hand, to provide an overview of the discipline and management of online content, with particular regard to the sharing of creative, cultural and entertainment content and to intellectual property and intellectual creation put on the network. To this end, the regulation of communication networks, audio-visual media services and information society services will also be illustrated in the light of most recent evolution of European case law.

Therefore, the course will deepen the discipline and management of the provision of online services, with particular regard to the activity of e-commerce, online brokerage and artificial intelligence.

The analysis will focus on the development of economic initiative on the network, from the promotional and pre-contractual phase, to the contractual one and on contractual and non-contractual liability at business to business, business to consumer and consumer to business level.

we will also examine the discipline and management of the activity of intermediaries, start-ups, payment systems, machine learning and artificial intelligence and network security issues.

The course is held by Prof. Antonio Nicita and Prof. Marco Scialdone

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